2014 Summer PSAT Classes


Special Summer PSAT Course

New!  Due to popular demand, we are planning to open a new PSAT class, particularly for 10th and 11th Grade students. 

Please sign up here as soon as possible if you are interested.

StarAcamp-Barron SAT/PSAT Online Intensive Class 

Special Summer PSAT Class - for current 10th-Grade Students (11th-Grade in Fall)

To prepare students for the PSAT test in October, a very important test for 11th-Grade Students.


July 12 - September 20 for  a total of 11 weeks

  • 8 hours of online live teaching in a small-group setting (no more than 5 students per group)
  • 3 proctored full-length tests with 4 additional tests
  • Instructor-guided online exercises
  • Study of tactics and strategies
  • Detailed reporting


Tuition and Fees

1.   Registration fee - $10

2.   Tuition - $189 (minimum enrollment of 4 required)

如感兴趣请在网上报名联系: satclass@mnchinaacademy.org, 651-442-9517
Sign up online here. Contact: satclass@mnchinaacademy.org, 651-442-9517